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Dorothy Fitch- Brueck

It is my pleasure to be a Constantine Falcon Art Teacher for the past 22 years.  Over the years I have told the student's that I am a Three Rivers Wildcat by birth and a Constantine Falcon by choice.  I have touched base in every school in the district and finally made it to the middle school and high school art classes. 
My residence remains in Three Rivers in a home that we built when we were young and beginning a family.  Our home has always been the central gathering location of teens.  My spouse, Stanley Brueck, and I have two biological children who also graduated from Three Rivers High School.
I take great pride in Three Rivers as the Fitch's (my maiden name), were one of the first settlers in the town.  We were all Three Rivers grads and all but my daughters remain in the area. I have children in California and Indiana.  
My brother and sisters attended a one-room school in Flowerfield.  Flowerfield school was closed by the time I was ready for school.  I attended Park Community school in Three Rivers. My interest was sparked immediately by the wonderful Art Teacher that had all kinds of "stuff."  I loved going to school and did not miss a day until I was a senior.  
In middle school I was involved in:
Visual Arts
Tennis-summer time
High School brought many possibilities:
Visual Arts
Band (marching band and symphony band) 
National  Honor Association
All degrees came from WMU, with an award for Art Education Excellence, one given yearly.
Advanced degrees in Social Work and Psychology/ Licensed Psychologist
Community Mental Health: caseworker, emergency services coordinator, emergency intake, outpatient therapist, consultant to the jail.
Constantine Schools: Art teacher (K-12), Riverside counselor, softball coach
I love to travel and have had many opportunities that I have appreciated.  We have visited a number of exchange students from previous homestays. 
I have traveled, studied, and taught in South Korea.  It was my pleasure to have been selected for a television spot for American Women and the Arts.
More recently I travel to California to visit my perfect angel twin grandchildren.
Art has always been in my life, from helping my mother create things for her scout troop, to 4-H, and right into the classroom.  I work as the Art Director at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Teaching at the Carnegie Center in Three Rivers, Teaching at WMU and Glen Oaks, and in my own studio.  I have taught birth to death and loved every minute.  Everyone I meet is family in my eyes.  I don't know what I would do without my students.  We are proud to have Art Club back in the Constantine Schools.