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Abigail Bartos Teacher Page

     Hello and welcome to my web page. While I have been teaching in Constantine Public schools for many years now I am originally from Freeland, MI. My family includes a Dad, two sisters, a Mom, a Step dad and two stepsisters. I have been married since 2017 and I am expecting my first child. 
      I graduated with my degree in Teaching from Saginaw Valley Statue University in 2015 and from there I have worked as a GED Tutor and I taught English at an alternative high school. In an effort to pursue my real passion which is teaching History and Social Studies I attended a Job Fair where I learned about Constantine Public schools and the rest is history.
      Currently I am in the Middle School where I teach 6th Grade Social Studies and Weird History.

The goal of Social Studies is to open students minds to the wonders of our world, including the people in it. My view is if students don't gain a love of Social Studies after being in this class they will certainly gain a better appreciation of the rich world around us today.

In this class we will be covering a variety of subjects during this year and those topics include;

Geographic land forms

The location of continents and the countries within them.

Varying cultures around the world including their economies and characteristics

Human environment interaction


The main purpose of this class is to learn how to think like a historian. Students will get to take part in both individual and group activities that are designed to help them learn better research skills and look at things analytically.

Some topics we will be covering during our semester together are;

What is history?

Historical Conflicts.

Historical Mysteries.